Economic Roundup, March 15, 2019

Economic Environment

  • India macro indicators

How are the Indian and global economic environments affecting the financial markets?

  • India’s macro indicators such as trade deficit and inflation in February were indicative of a stable macro environment. The trade deficit narrowed due to growth in exports and lower imports of oil, gold and electronics. The lower imports, however, could imply a weakening economy as seen by low growth in industrial production in January. Inflation was higher in February than in January but continues to stay well below than the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) medium term inflation target of 4 percent. It is likely that the RBI, at its next meeting in April, the first in the new 2019-20 fiscal year, could lower the benchmark repo rate by another 25 basis points to support growth while maintaining a neutral monetary policy stance.

What to expect from the markets next week?

Indian financial markets, once the affects of foreign portfolio investment (FPI) inflows wane, could be range-bound and perhaps even flat given slowing growth. The fact that the major central banks of the world are now all supporting growth in 2019, the financial markets will look to corporate performance in the last quarter of fiscal 2018-19 when earnings reports begin to be released in April.

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