My Learnings from Corona Virus

My Learnings from the Corona Virus

Gesture of Namaskar will save us much of 2020. Handshake has become an outdated form of greeting.  A century ago, where I show “Look I do not have weapons in my hand and you do not have and I trust you so lets shake hands”. This is when people didn’t know anything about microbiology, virus etc., so they shook hands.

Gesture of ‘Namaskar’ has a very good meaning – I greet the best in you with all the concentration of my mind and love of my heart.

Viruses were discovered about 100 years ago-agents of disease, tiny little bits of organised matter, mysterious form of life. It is difficult to say whether it is living creature or not. It is living because it is procreating, it can die, it can multiply, but is incapable of reproducing itself without the host, that is the body itself. So it is this little bit of DNA, RNA and then some proteins which will be discarded when entering the cells, so this tiny bit goes in to the cell then captures the productive forces of cell and starts reproducing in huge amounts infecting all other cells. But what’s peculiar is that our body bears marks of the ancient clutches with viruses. All the cells will contain the remanence of the viruses.

School taught me about micro vitae, which means, a small life. Virus is the crudest form of micro vitae. So, the crudest form is responsible for creation of life, evolution of life, mutation of the life form and for the destruction of life form. So far, the viruses have been considered the hitchhikers of the evolution. Interestingly, our mental capabilities, capacity to think, high cognitive functions are due to viruses. Somewhere…at some point in time, our ancestors, attracted some virus. And that virus created in the neurons had the ability to make complicated networks in the brain and therefore we have seen human brain evolve and that lead to some great technologies, inventions and remarkable medicine. So, the viruses are the evolutionary forces on the planet earth. They make us stronger, evolve us and sometimes they destroy us. But they don’t destroy for nothing, but something has to be destroyed. Virus is not always negative, it has positive aspect also.

But many people are paranoid and, think they are not going to survive. We shouldn’t be afraid. Humanity has seen more deadly viruses, still survived. This particular virus has very low mortality. Humans can recover easily and most will not even notice. But let’s accept that the attack cannot be stopped.

Is there any one who has not gone through flu? Many times, right!  And we are not afraid of it. Our immune system has adjusted to this. Now only the name of the virus has changed to Corona.

We become sick, we become healthy , slowly the humanity will become immune.

Immune system will have to deal with it, today we are not immune to fight it. So the govts are imposing the restrictions.

100 years ago, after the first world war, the pandemic- Spanish Influenza killed 100 million people, it was devastating. Today the hygiene is better, medical facilities are better, we are much more conscious, our thinking is higher- why fear Virus and let’s face it.

Then there is this antibiotic revolution! The over dosages of this are killing the natural bacteria in the body and leading to the body losing natural immunity. Save antibiotic like a special vehicle. Trust your body, it is capable of overcoming everything and anything.

In my twenties, I had gone through severe flu, had to be on heavy antibiotics. I chose to make changes in my lifestyle. Everything changed and my immune system too. Since then, had never taken a pill for that.

How I became healthy:

First, I stopped eating meat. I felt I came out of darkness it just made me different person.

Second, began fasting periodically. 24 hours, only on hot water. This has been my best medicine. Look at animals-when they are sick, they fast, till they recover.

Third, Meditate- It can improve your immune system.

Fourth, getting enough sleep- again… improves immune systems

Fifth, exercise ! Do I need to say more!

As humanity and as social responsibility, we should stop eating meat.

Pig’s flu, cow’s pneumonia, birds’ flu- all the viruses that we got- we got from animals. Today animals are suffering. Billions of animals are getting slaughtered. Huge negative energy is created. Antibiotics are induced regularly, which is creating the new viruses/diseases, immune to any of these antibiotics. We are creating disaster for ourselves. We are moving towards the abyss, just because we cannot let go of the simple idea of eating meat.

It is irresponsible in the social context today, to eat meat.

In the last 30 years, we have destroyed 30% of soil, how are we going to survive? To produce meat, we want so much soil, so much water, it is polluting.

Thousands of chicken, goats and cows will come and say NAMASKAR. Thank you for not eating us, saving us and this gesture of theirs will not infect us with Corona Virus..

Then our spirit- When one is depressed or in fear, one sabotages the immune systems. All we need to do is to work on building immunity. Today, many studies show the effects of meditation on immune system. Why not meditate? We should meditate and become spiritually strong, then  nothing can over power our immune system. Isn’t that all we need today?

Sun Tze in his book Art Of War says that, ‘If your opponent is at ease, seek to disturb him, seek to demoralise him’. Kill the moral force of opponent, then he/she will not be able to touch us.

If we are morally strong, strong in our spirit, the opponent- virus here, cannot touch or demoralise us.

Let’s seek to maintain our spirits high and not be depressed. Maintain positivity, maintain optimism.

The most positive tool to maintain our spirits high is to sing, dance and engage in any creative works in the moments of weakness. Whole environment of our thoughts will become pure. We look at problems differently, not be afraid any more and that moment you will realise that nothing can stop us.

Be ready to fight because it is not a choice. The fighting spirit is the spirit of spirituality, spirit of life and spirit of evolution. But to fight, we have to be high, our morals have to be high and meditation helps.

Hence, a proper diet, fasting, exercise, healthy habits, enough rest, regular sleep timing, singing, dancing, meditation, these habits makes us bullet proof. We cannot go down, there is no way ..

So this exercise of quarantining for 2 weeks, can be a life changing experience. In this 2 weeks, humanity can be reborn, completely different and we can collectively come out of this darkness. If you understand this pandemic is not happening for nothing, we are going to become stronger for sure. It is an evolutionary tool of planet earth. We are evolving, thats why this is happening to us.

Stay Happy, Stay Healthy!


Vish Bodapati